You must know that Amazon’s most reliable success tools are enjoyed by retailers that are exclusively signed in Amazon Brand Registry. And while this may require considerable investment, we feel it is worthwhile because it’s a major advantage against the adversary.

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Amazon Brand Registry – How exactly does it work?

The brand registry feature comes at no cost at all. It works by:

  1. Availing you of better brand control over titles, images, descriptions, etc, to curb malevolent sellers & substandard items
  2. Providing you with functionalities to identify & report trespassing items & their perpetrators

Define Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon brand registry is an initiative that is designed to provide entrepreneurs with great merchandise control on Amazon. Signing up your brand on Amazon is an excellent means of proving that you won the item that you’re vending. With IO Scout Chrome Extension all product data right on Amazon pages.
Your item will be exclusively linked to your account, with your brand enjoying a great layer of security from Amazon.

Who uses Brand Registry on Amazon?

  1. Manufacturers or trademark/brand owners
  2. Distributors, re-inventors, innovators & other agents that have been licensed by the label owner or manufacturer to control an item’s detail page on Amazon.

How an interested retailer can enroll in the Amazon brand registry

You need to have a registered trademark to sign-up for the initiative. Getting trademarked by the USPTO involves a considerable amount of money (about a few hundred dollars) & up to six months of waiting time.

Step 1

Complete the three-step brand eligibility segment of the registry signup. enter your trademark registration number or serial number. You will also be asked if your items and packaging has a brand-name & logo image.

Step 2

Up-load your item, packaging, & logo photos. Here, it is important to take cognizance of each type of image. Item & packaging photos must show the item with evident labeling. You will be asked to provide a website. A WordPress or Squarespace site would do for your label.

Step 3

Finish the attributes segment of the brand registration. Attach your brand’s UPC codes attributed to the ASINs of the items you are vending. Finally, identify the country of product manufacture & distribution.

Amazon Brand Registry Advantages

Safeguards your business from malicious buyers

Most buyers are scared that when their brand succeeds exceedingly on the marketplace, some other bloke is going to snap up the item. The brand registry helps by giving you exclusive ownership of the Buy Box for that item. Whenever the other merchant hijacks the item, lodge a complaint to Amazon & they’ll have them removed.

Gaining control over list content

Regular Amazon sellers are at the tight-handedness of Amazon’s Algorithm. With brand registry, the requirements are a bit waivered & you can easily take absolute control of item titles, item details, item images, Amazon-dispensed product IDs, & reduced matching mistakes.

Wider brand reach

Sellers who qualify include manufacturers or trademark/brand owners, Distributors, re-inventors, innovators & other agents that have been licensed by the label owner or manufacturer to control an item’s detail page on Amazon.

Final note

With Amazon Brand Registry, you have greater control over the list content, & a distinguished, more effective team for resolving issues. It also allows you to punish any merchant that attempts to milk off your brand provided you report them to the Amazon team. So if you have vivid dreams of become a prime seller, the Brand registry is must as it give an air of trust to customers.


Do you need a trademark for Amazon brand registry?

Yes, you need to be trademarked by the USPTO or its equivalent in other countries in order to be registered on Amazon Brand Registry

How long does it take to apply for amazon brand registry?

You may to wait as long as 6-12 months to get a response from the USPTO, every milestone you complete has a timeline

How much does it cost to register a brand on Amazon?

The approval process should take a maximum of two-weeks. Endeavor to review all eligibility criteria, with the brand having a registered trademark in the nation you’re vying to enroll for.

meta description: Are you ready to add an extra layer of protection to your Amazon Business & scare malicious merch hijackers away? Then an Amazon Brand Registry may just be the ace in your Amazon business. Get started today.

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