What does Keepa do? In short, it’s an extremely well-known Amazon price tracker. Its goal is to improve your shopping experience, and thanks to its popularity it’s not hard to guess that it’s doing very well. It’s installed as a Keepa extension for browsers including Opera, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Online shopping was never so easy and efficient! The following Keepa review will make you aware of all the fascinating features of this tool.  

What is Keepa? 

Which product to buy on Amazon? Is the item’s price profitable, and most importantly, when is it at its best? Graphs with prices’ history will help you track changes and decide what’s best for you. Even if the price seems the cheapest now, you can never know its real market position without knowing its development in time. If you’ve already observed the product with Keepa, this innovative software is prepared to track the history of products and compare prices. It will also notify you when the price suddenly drops. How to use Keepa? Let’s see how this seemingly complicated actually software works. 

keepa plugin

Keepa Pricing

Experts claim that if you don’t really see the point of having the paid Keepa version, you shouldn’t bother getting yourself a free one either. Another option is that you’re not using it the right way. Either way, pricing is just under $20/month (15€). Once, Keepa Amazon used to be free, since 2019 it became paid, but the price is really minor compared to all the profits you get. Another payment plan option is £129 /year (149€).

Keepa Features 

The most important Keepa features were designed to make you utterly happy with your selling experience online almost worldwide (from Canada, Brazil, through France and Germany to Japan, India, and Australia). 


With Keepa you can browse products by type, category, or even sophisticated features like price drop time interval or ranges of discounts. Deal type is not irrelevant as well (renovated, new, etc.). Prices’ past fluctuations can be viewed with history graphs. You can also set the price you wish to get the item for, and patiently wait for Keepa notification when it reaches the desired amount.

keepa chrome extension


On Amazon, you can track over 500 800 million products. What’s more, all the available data is possible to export, so this game seems to have no end unless you don’t know how to play. Keepa lets you save your wishlists, view reviews of tracked products, and receive crucial notifications. 

keepa app


In the data section, you will find the most interesting tools on Keepa.

keepa plugin

Final Thoughts 

Keepa is designed to improve shoppers’ Amazon experience. This beautifully designed browser extension makes you secure while shopping online. It provides insight into products’ sales history and focuses on the fact that you don’t overpay. There are many available options to reach that goal such as price notifications, and price comparison (both on Amazon and eBay), or even information about currency.

keepa api


Does Keepa have an app?

Keepa provides browser extensions that enable us to use it anytime while surfing online. You don’t have to go to Opening any site will be enough to see your wish list, and also viewing price history graphs of Amazon products happens without additional effort, when Keepa plugin is installed. Keepa can be found under the app’s list in the menu. 

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